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CFA Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month

Meetings will alternate between formal and informal.

Formal meetings will be held on campus at 5:00pm and will consist of discussion and the occasional speaker.

Informal meetings will be held off campus (someones house,a bar, etc.) at 6:30pm. Content may include watching relevant movies, working on projects, or just hanging out.

NEXT MEETING - November 13th

Location: Jon and Hanna's house. (email or call for location)

Time: 6:30

What: We will be watching the Nova special, "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial."

Film Description: The documentary is about the recent Kitzmiller v. Dover trial in which a school board in Pennsylvania tried to insert a creationist text book into the curriculum.

"Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial." Trailer

Recap of last meeting

Main Discussion: Goals for the Semester

The topic of our last meeting was focused on establishing a non-believer/rationalist presence on UNO's Campus. We discussed that this was an important thing to do for the following reasons:

  • It is a constant reminder to those who are religious or spiritual (in the traditional sense) that there is another way to view the world. Having a presence on campus may not only remind them of this but may encourage them to view there own beliefs more critically.
  • If more believers are exposed to non-believers it may help dispel the “immoral atheist” myth.
  • Lots of people are in the closet about their non-belief. When they see that there are many others like themselves, they may be more willing to be open about their views.
  • Hopefully as more and more people publicly acknowledge their atheism, non-believers will be recognized as a serious voting block that may finally get some attention from politicians.
  • Other Topics Discussed:

    Finally, we used this first meeting to generate ideas for future meetings, discussions, and activities in which we’d like to engage during the remainder of the Fall semester. Here are some of the things we came up with:

  • showing topical films like Jesus Camp and The Root of All Evil? on campus.
  • tabling outside the library to attract new members and increase name recognition. Table materials would include free literature (possibly from the Center for Inquiry), baked goods, and sign-up sheets.
  • designing a logo for CFA. Our most popular candidate is currently the iconic “evolution of man” image, but further suggestions are welcome.
  • putting up informational posters on campus. These posters will include quotes from prominent atheists, scientists, and American Founding Fathers which communicate the secular viewpoint as well as the importance of church-state separation in the US. Sample quotes
  • making t-shirts. Possible t-shirt content may include our forthcoming logo, and/or slogans such as “Atheism: A Non-Prophet Organization”, and the like. Suggestions please!
  • investigating the feasibility of establishing a permanent CFA office/reading room on campus, preferably in the library.
  • getting a funding bill through Student Government to buy movies that promote science and reason for the SG video rental shelves in the library.